My Formula For Health Success in 2015 Part 3 of 3

Okay, we made it! It’s the last and final piece of the formula for health success. This is definitely my favorite part of the formula. In part one of the series I talked about goal setting effectively, in part two I discussed creating a complete whole health plan of action. So without further ado, the third piece to the health formula for success is enlisting help.

When I say enlisting help I don’t necessarily mean paying a person for one-on-one services 3 days a week. Most people can’t afford to do that. What I mean is that most of us need guidance and support along the journey to healing and optimum health. That guidance and support has to come from other people.

The awesome thing about trying to enlist help specifically in the area of guidance and the “how to” in this day and age is that it is so easy to find! You have books from seasoned health professionals that have become authors that really know what they are talking about in all areas of health. The explosion of health information is everywhere (which can easily become overwhelming too), online programs, eBooks, apps, online health summits, 21 day programs based on books that cost so very little thanks especially to and the ease of self-publishing. All of these options are extremely affordable and can meet you right where you are in your quest for optimum health.

The support aspect of enlisting help is where a lot of these programs have gotten it right making the people that complete the program so much more successful in their results. There are Facebook support groups, Twitter Q&A’s, forums, webinars, conference calls and more so people can connect and share their struggles and victories without having to add commuting time to their week to get to another face to face meeting. And then of course you have the face to face meeting itself which is so very powerful!

Human interaction at any level is monumental in the mental and emotional tenacity that it takes to change your lifestyle and keep doing the things that make you successful in any program regardless of how disciplined you are or how much you know. Health and fitness professionals are no different. Just because we know how to reach our health goals doesn’t mean it’s easy to do on our own. I can say with complete certainty that I am much influenced and strongly impacted from the health and fitness professionals that I work with such as my trainer, nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist and even my Lyme doctor. I know that having these people in my life keeps me on the right track but more importantly they teach me and help me grow and learn with each interaction I have with them. And isn’t that a big part of figuring this whole thing out we call life is to learn and to grow and to be better today than we were yesterday?


Share your goals with others.
Someone very close to me did something awesome on January 1 this year. She posted her very specific weight loss goal for the year on Facebook to her entire network of friends. Wow! I was so happy to see this.  Then it got better. Her network bombarded her with love and support! This is what it’s all about friends. If you want help, you need to put it out there so you can get that help and some love in return. The same goes for when you fall (and you will) so when you do if you have a support system in place then you can turn to them and they can help you get back up and get on track.


I can’t afford to pay for help.
I can’t tell you how many people over the years tell me they can’t afford to work with a personal trainer, see a nutritionist or get regular massage therapy. I have met twice as many people that balk at the cost of changing their lifestyle from eating processed food to real food. In both instances, the majority of these folks are driving really nice vehicles, taking vacations left and right, often have designer clothes and shoes and are standing in line for the next iPhone or iPad whenever it comes out.

My point is that living healthier and making the space in your budget for paying a professional or a company to help you achieve the health results that you want for yourself is about priority. The more you prioritize your health over your new pair of shoes you don’t need or the next greatest gadget that you want vs. need the more you will open up options to supporting your health and wellness.

It’s easy to get so caught up in spending money on the things that we want that we forget to prioritize on what we need. That’s where the individualism lies in each person’s situation. Some people need a lot of information and 1-on-1 help, some don’t need 1-on-1 help or information but lots of accountability. Figure out what and who you need to support you best.

If you are prioritizing and your budget is small then do the best you can with  what you’ve got or change what you’ve got! Get a part-time job or do a work exchange, whatever works. Get involved in group training instead of 1-on-1, buy health and fitness books and work through the recommendations and exercises on your own until you find what works for you.  Ask friends and family for their support and to do it with you!  You are human and in that you are built to be and live with other people. Some of us need and want more of that than others but overall we all people need people.


Find a reputable professional that is results oriented.                                                                    Believe it or not this one is not always obvious to folks. Avoid working with people that go through the motions! If your friend Sally has been working with the same personal trainer for 10 years and Sally is no better off in her fitness ability than she was 11 years ago then you may question her personal trainer.

If your friend Sam has been working with the same nutritionist for 6 months and has not lost a single pound then you may question his nutritionist. Results speak for themselves and although it does take time to see results, results do matter so they should speak clearly for themselves and need no explanations or defending. No professional can want what you want for your health more than you but they can be darn close to it. Find a coach that will help you rise to your own occasion and not be satisfied with you just showing up for an appointment. Demand more.


Work with someone whose lifestyle you would like to emulate.                                                 I am a firm believer that you should practice what you preach. As a holistic health coach I take my role very seriously and understand that people look to me to learn how to live healthier.  My thought process is “do as I say AND as I do”. So if I say eat less sugar and then I post on my Instagram a selfie of me eating a Twinkie, well let’s just say there is a conflict of interest. You aren’t looking for perfection in your coach but you should expect them to practice the healthy lifestyle habits that they are encouraging you to do.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on enlisting help towards your health goals and what has served you well. Drop me a comment below and let me know!

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