Athletic Performance Training

Are you an athlete between the ages of 12-55 and want to get your body in optimum condition in order perform your absolute best in your sport?  

Do you want to excel above the rest of the crowd and earn that athletic scholarship to play lacrosse for a Division 1, 2 or 3 team?  

Then you have to prepare better. 

You have to train smarter. 

You have to work harder.  

And you have to prioritize recovery.  

As a former division 1 NCAA lacrosse player, I know full well what it takes to play at a competitive level.  I started playing lacrosse at age 12, and into college for two years and further on into post-collegiate play for another 5 years.  Unfortunately, after two years of playing at the Division 1 level I was so mentally beaten down in dealing with the chronic pain and injuries I had since day one of my college lacrosse career, I lost my interest in the game and decided to stop playing at this level in order to heal my mind and body.  Functioning later in life was a bigger priority than continuing to play in college.

You see I was riddled with chronic overuse injuries from multiple muscle imbalances, core weakness, poor recovery and a lack of quality nutrition practices early on into my lacrosse career.  Despite all of the injuries I was still able to perform at a high level of competition but alas could not sustain it.  

If I knew then what I knew now my story would have a much different ending for sure.  But my experiences made me into a coach who approaches the athletic experience through a whole and complete approach on and off the playing field.


My athletic performance coaching style:

  • Reduces your risks of injury
  • Increases your ability to endure playing the sport year-round without chronic overuse injuries
  • Teaches you methods to recover better and avoid mental burnout
  • Encourages training that balances your body and increases your spatial awareness
  • Strengthens your off-the-field/court knowledge to make greater gains on-the-field/court
  • Promotes a healthy balance between training and rest/recovery so you learn when to go hard and when to retreat to enable greater gains in your athletic performance
  • Gives you the edge you need to be the successful, strong and mentally tough athlete you want to be


Athlete Performance Training services are customized to fit your individual needs, fitness level and abilities to help you reach your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Sessions are offered in my private studio in Centreville, VA through the following options.  

I currently offer the following sessions and packages.  All packages require a 3-month commitment to help you achieve maximum results:


Individual sessions at a rate of $150 per session


Level 1 Athlete Hybrid Personal Training Jumpstart Package ($600 per month)


Level 2 Athlete Hybrid Personal Training Results Package ($900 per month) 

  • This package includes:


Level 3 Athlete Hybrid Personal Training Transformation Package ($1600 per month)


All packages can be combined with any Metabolic Typing package for a complete approach to your training.  


Ready to get started?  Then complete The Whole Health Elements Coaching Application so I can find out if we are a good fit to work together.

Still have questions?  Shoot me an email or visit my contact page for more options to connect.