Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas

The day of love is upon us which usually means another day of celebratory food. This doesn’t have to be an unhealthy celebration of love though! I collaborated a few ideas below for you to consider this and every Valentine’s day to keep your lover and you healthy for many years to come. Remember, with […]

Workout of My Week 1/22/18

  It’s Tabata time! This week I completed a pretty tough workout I had to share with you. I wasn’t quite sure I would finish it (considering there were 3 separate Tabata’s in the workout) with gusto as I hadn’t been sleeping too well due to travel and other stuff lately. I was a bit […]

Chicken Wing Truth Bombs

It’s GAME DAY baby! There are more chicken wings eaten during Game Day than any other day of the year, by millions!  I love wings but I despise how bad the average wing is for your body.  So I wanted to share some truth bombs with you to help you navigate your way to optimum […]

Recipe: Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

I love soup.  If you’ve never considered it before, now may be a good time to acknowledge that souping is the cold weather version of juicing.   I know some people aren’t big soup goers and I think some reasons for that are because soup is a texture thing and also because it’s not the easiest thing to fall in […]

How to Plan Meals in a Time Crunch

Life is no longer linear or simple. Whoever you are, whatever role you play, if you ever have to feed yourself or someone else for any stretch of time, whether that’s for a month, a week, or even a day, you may spend an inordinate amount of time deciding what to make. The task seems […]

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Burn the Holiday Cookies Workout

Need a quick workout to burn those holiday cookies?  Then this is for you! Remember that the best workout is the one that balances your energy.  If you are super stressed then you will do less for your body by demanding more from it.  So if you are ready to roll and have some energy […]

Dairy-Free Mayan Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is seriously my jam in the winter months.  I try to justify how much I drink because cocoa has magnesium and I really need that stuff to help me function well and I bet you do too because every person I’ve ever worked with does.  Well here is one of my favorite recipes that just […]