Workout of My Week Vol.#003 – Burn the Holiday Cookies

Need a quick workout to burn those holiday cookies? Then this is for you!

Remember that the best workout is the one that balances your energy.

If you are super stressed then you will do less for your body by demanding more from it. So if you are ready to roll and have some energy to burn then jump into this mini-circuit and get rid of the sugar from those holiday cookies before they wreak too much havoc on your metabolism and your liver.

Burn the Holiday Cookies

Mobility Warm-Up A: Perform the exercises below for 10 repetitions each for 2 sets

Workset: Do each of the following exercises for 12 reps. Attempt to complete 1 set of each exercise in under 2 minutes! Perform 3 total sets for an intense workout taking minimal rest between sets as needed.

For more holiday-inspired workouts snag my Whole Health Holiday Survival Guide that is chock full of recipes, health tips, tools, techniques, holiday detox methods, mindset hacks and much more to keep you enduring this tough time of year like a champion!

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