Favorite Fats Found in Monica’s Kitchen


  1. Anita Morgan says:

    My all time fav. is Nutivia Coconut oil. I start freaking out if I am close to running out of it. Absolutely love Kerrigold Irish butter. I love Braggs Olive oil as well. I have also been known to take a spoon full of cod liver oil daily but I have not really got a fav. I have never heard of the Green Pasture brand you are fond of. Sounds like one I should try. I have got to try the Avocado oil .It just never occurred to me to use it to make my Mayo. I need to find a source for that Avocado oil. Up until now, I have avoided all Lard. I think just from lake of knowledge about it. I had put it In the same category as Crisco which I have not used in 20 years or more. I need to have more education in the healthy fats area. I do like my Mufa’s. I am happy to know I am on the right track with my nutritional needs. My mindset is ready. Still more to learn but I am excited about the Journey and path I am being led down! Feels like home for my soul. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I really like that same coconut oil too Anita! It sounds like you are way ahead of the curve so KEEP GOING! Good for you lady! I also like Carlson’s CLO as well as Green Pastures brand. I currently use the avocado oil at Costco, it’s non-GMO and a good value so check that out if you can. Crisco and lard should have been in the same category of foods to avoid until pastured lard became more readily available. That’s the only kind you would ever want to use, or the bacon grease from pastured bacon, that works great too and has flavor! Keep up the great work Anita, there is no end, only deeper adventures and transformations for you to experience. Happy to help you any way I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

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