Movement & Training

Monica in plankEveryone knows that regular exercise is imperative to good health.  

What everyone doesn’t consider is that how you move will dictate so much about your ability to exercise efficiently no to mention allow you to look younger than your actual age.

Each client enters the process of working with me in a different place.  But every client’s path follows the processes of Correction to Function to Performance.  

If you can’t stand up straight, walk up the stairs without knee pain or simply move well using your own bodyweight, who cares if you can lift tons of weight or complete a triathlon?  I can help you move freely, feel better, live better, get stronger and age gracefully using fitness and movement training that helps you function better no matter what your starting point is.

I specialize in corrective, functional integrative and performance-based strength training.  These types of training are part of a progressive system that includes mobility, flexibility, core stability, balance, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. 

The more consistently and with appropriate frequency you train and follow my guidance, the faster you should see results and achieve your goals.  

I currently offer the following movement and training services:


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