Online Personal Training

About 7 years ago I had the desire to start training my personal training clients online but technology had not caught up yet to my desire for specific tools that would allow me to guide my clients the way that I wanted to. Well, all that has changed!

I started my Online Personal Training (OPT) service in 2015 and the impact it has made on the results of my clients and my ability to coach them more effectively has been nothing short of AWESOME! This is why each and every client that invests in personal training with me receives the service of OPT.

Online Personal Training allows:

  • Clients to train with me more frequently for a lot less money than meeting with me for live 1-on-1 personal training sessions
  • For a ton of variety in your workouts including the options of either a “to-do item” every day of the month to keep you on track with your training program OR a number of workouts to do within the month on your own schedule. Daily to-do items might include things like a detailed heart rate training based cardio session, a scheduled recovery day of less intensive activity, general health maintenance reminders, a mobility or a core training program for the day.
  • Me to provide you with a completely customized program based on your fitness ability, limitations, workout schedule, what equipment you have access to all in support of your established goals without ever having to see you for a live face-to-face Personal Training session!
  • Clients to chart their progress so we can see your progress overtime and when you achieve personal bests!
  • Flexibility for you to train with me no matter where you are on the planet or regardless of travel, schedule conflicts or budget restrictions.

All workouts are sent to you via email and are programmed into the Online Personal Training app which you can access on your iPhone/iPad or Android device or directly through your computer via my OPT platform’s website.

Clients have the current Online Personal Training package option to invest in with me. This package is based on a 3-month commitment.

Online Personal Training with Coach Support ($275 per month)

  • This package includes:
      • A custom online personal training program
      • Access to my exercise video library
      • Access to my private Facebook coaching group to interact and get support from myself and other clients
      • Weekly email support from me
      • Monthly Functional Movement Assessment review (online/video)
      • Heart Rate Variability Coaching (optional)

Interested in more training and coaching options with me? Then check out my Corrective Exercise Training or Athletic Performance Training packages or a Live In-Person functional training session depending on your goals.

Ready to get started? Then complete The Whole Health Elements Coaching Application so I can find out if we are a good fit to work together.

Still have questions? Shoot me an email or visit my contact page for more options to connect.