Functional Nutrition Coaching Session

This service is best described as general and universal education focused on nutrition for optimal function for every human body. For a specific and individualized focus see the Metabolic Typing service that I offer.

The goal of a Functional Nutrition session is to deepen the participant’s level of understanding of traditional nutrition practices as they relate to their specific health, healing and performance goals and conditions.

Session topics vary and can include the areas:

  • Maximizing digestion function
  • Healing and improving gut function, recovery from leaky gut syndrome
  • Healing from food sensitivities
  • Maximizing brain function through nutrition
    Food quality (organics vs. conventionally raised foods)
  • Macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats)
  • Metabolism and energy
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Reducing inflammation through diet and nutrition
  • Alternatives to common nutrition pitfalls
  • Meal planning and food preparation
  • Pantry editing
  • Grocery shopping strategies and guidelines
  • Detoxification through diet and nutrition
  • Using food as medicine for specific conditions
  • Pre/post workout meals

This service is offered to individuals or groups and as stand alone seminars.

The number and frequency of sessions recommended is based on each individual client’s needs. These can come in the form of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions. Sessions are currently offered in studio, online and by phone.

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