Functional Training

Our daily lifestyles are plagued with a lack of movement or a chronic over-repetition of the same types of movements that our bodies have no choice but to become maladapted to these poor patterns.  

That’s where functional training serves to prepare your body for what lies ahead in your day and makes you fully ready for the task, work, or event when you need it to perform for you. 

Functional training had not yet evolved into the mainstream of fitness when I was a collegiate athlete but I know without a shred of doubt that had it been, my life and my game would have been very different…then and now. 

Because I played a 1-side dominant sport 80% of the time, my body got used to having a stable side and a not-so stable side.  I didn’t have the instruction at the time to strengthen my muscle imbalances properly while still training to sustain my athletic performance so, my performance suffered.  In fact, over 20 years later and I still have some muscle imbalances that I have to manage or things get gnarly.

But functional training is here to stay and boy am I glad of that because not only is it fun, it’s so versatile and emphasizes the most important part of your body’s ability to move and move well…your core! 

There are so many types of equipment that can be used and so many people that it can serve well.  

        The single leg squat


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If you are a competitive athlete, you may want to check out my athletic performance training service.  


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