Corrective Exercise Training

Do you have pain when you run or simply go up the stairs?

Do you have plantar fasciitis that just will not go away despite all the things you throw at it?

Is your athletic performance suffering because of achy joints and annoying pains you have when you move, train and actually compete in your event?

Do you want to ditch those annoying aches and pains that plague you each day just going about your normal routine or training?

Then Corrective Exercise Training is for you.

This type of training is designed to seal the cracks in your foundation of movement and get your body moving and feeling the way you want it to feel each day.  The goal is to correct your current method of movement patterns that are not serving you well based on how you want to feel going throughout your day to day routine.

The first step in taking part in this form of training is to complete a Functional Movement Assessment and Consultation.  From there I will be able to identify factors causing your movement problems and a general time frame as to how many sessions you may need and/or the time it may take to get you where you want to be.  

Corrective Exercise Training sessions are offered in my private studio in Centreville, VA through the following options:

  • Individual sessions at a rate of $150 per session
  • A package of 4 sessions at a rate of $125 per session

Most, not all, people need 4-12 weeks of training sessions to make the progress that they desire and to move pain/problem-free again.  


Have a question for me as to if this type of training is for you?  Then shoot me an email at or visit my Contact page for more options to connect.

If you think are ready to schedule a Functional Movement Assessment and Consultation or training session with me then complete The Whole Health Elements Coaching Application first so I can find out if we are a good fit to work together.