Healthy Valentine’s Day Ideas

The day of love is upon us which usually means another day of celebratory food. This doesn’t have to be an unhealthy celebration of love though! I collaborated a few ideas below for you to consider this and every Valentine’s day to keep your lover and you healthy for many years to come.

Remember, with every bite, you are either taking a step towards or away from health. Choose to step towards health friends! Happy love day ๐Ÿ™‚



  • Choose quality raised proteins – Opt for grass-fed steak and wild-caught seafood if you are dining out or dining in! You’ll save lots of money if you dine in so plan wisely! At all costs, avoid farmed seafood, tilapia altogether and conventionally raised beef or bison. These animals are not raised properly and fed foods that change their quality making them harmful to your health in numerous ways.  Looking for a great source of meats?  Look no further than Butcherbox.  This subscription-based service will send you regular shipments of high quality, delicious beef, chicken or pork or all of the above depending on your preference.  I can’t say enough about how this company has helped me save money and time!


  • Select dark chocolate over milk – Dark chocolate (60% or higher) has more nutrients and antioxidants to help fight the free radicals that are in our bodies that break down our cellular structure and weaken our bodies. Dark chocolate also has less sugar than milk chocolate. Look for GMO-free and Fair Trade brands like Endangered Species (their 88% is totally my favorite) or make your own chocolate with stevia, honey or maple syrup as a sweetener.


  • Workout with your lover – Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of sex happening on Valentine’s day because well, it’s Valentine’s day. So this can definitely serve as exercise but if this isn’t in the plan for the day then plan a workout with your lover like a couples personal training session, a group fitness class at your local gym or ask your lover to do your workout with you for the day if they don’t usually exercise in general! It doesn’t have to be a lot to make a difference, go for a walk after dinner and help your surf and turf digest easier ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Superpower yourself with natural cocoa – Cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, and cacao are the most natural forms of the root of our beloved chocolate.  Add any of these to your daily health regimen or experiment of you have yet to try any of them.   Throw in some nibs with yogurt, add some powder to your smoothie or in baking recipes.  Your heart will love you back and your taste buds will surely do the same.


  • Opt for high-quality olive oil – If you experience any of my Functional Nutrition services, you will learn that not all oils are good for your health and that if some are used improperly, they become very dangerous to your health.  Many people are using olive oil these days for everything from salad dressings to baking and cooking as it’s being touted as the “heart healthy” oil.  100% olive oil is a great choice to use in salad dressings or low-medium heat cooking.  The problem is that a huge majority of olive oils on the market are far from being 100% pure olive oil (despite saying so on the packaging) but rather they are blended with other inferior oils making them harmful to your health.  There is no regulation in the olive oil industry to enforce truth in marketing so you have to be smarter friend.  I did the work and vetted the following brands for you and encourage you to consider investing your hard earned dollars into the Kasandrinos or Laconiko brands of olive oil.  When you use an olive oil of quality like one of these two brands, it is safer to use the oil for low heat cooking but remember that no vegetable, seed-based, corn or other refined olive oil should ever be used for high heat cooking specifically and I encourage you to eliminate them ALTOGETHER from your diet.  This is especially the case if you have problems with inflammation, cholesterol, digestion, skin problems, heart disease or just about anything else.  


What healthy stuff will you be doing with your Valentine this year?  Drop me a comment below and let me know.  Whatever it is, enjoy your day and spend it with those that love you.



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