I love Butcherbox!

One of my roles as a holistic health practitioner and mind & body transformation coach is to make living a healthy lifestyle easier.  So when I find awesome products and services that can help you get, stay and live healthier I scream about it!  Or rather, write about it and smother it all over social media.

So without further ado let me introduce to you Butcherbox.

This was by far a game changer for my household in 2017 when I first signed up.  It is a subscription- based resource for farm fresh and sustainably produced meats and poultry……delivered right to your front door!

Talk about a time saver!

I have spent HOURS upon HOURS over the last 10 years driving to local farms, buying club drop off points, specialty food, nutrition and health stores in order to find the best quality sourced meats, poultry and pork. 

You see over 95% of grocery stores sell meats/poultry/pork that is not suitable for living a healthy lifestyle.  The reason for this is because these animals have been produced in terrible living conditions and fed “foods” that they should not be eating.

Let’s get one thing straight…cows are supposed to eat grass.  

NOT grain.

NOT corn (which is a grain).

NOT candy (which is often fed to them to fatten them up before they are sold off from the farm).

NOT other animals (do I really need to explain this one?).

When I began researching the food system and what it has become due to the lack of knowledge and awareness of the American people, I started a mad search for local sources of food that were not going to make me and my family sick from consuming them. 

If I was going to work hard for my money, work harder to stay well so I can lead a productive life free of illness, then I was going to use my hard earned money to pay for good quality food.  

But finding properly raised food wasn’t so easy.  In fact, it’s ridiculously hard especially if you don’t live in an area that has many options due to a lack of demand in the community.

So when I learned about Butcherbox I had to give them a try and I am so glad I did.  After subscribing to Butcherbox for just 2 months I was hooked. 

For one, I got FREE bacon every month.  A no-brainer right?

Second, I saved an average of $200.  WWWWHHHHHAAAAAATTTTT???

Yep, I’m serious.  I saved so much MONEY and TIME it was an easy decision to continue giving them my business. 

And…………it was a heck of a resource that I could share with you guys of course!

So how does it work right?

Okay, so after you place your order depending on when you place your order (which Butcherbox can give you all the details on) it will arrive for you right on your doorstep.

Thank you FedEx!

Then you will open your Butcherbox and find the snazzy fully recyclable materials holding your goodies inside, nice and frozen or at least super cold.  

How do they keep it cold and frozen during shipping?  With dry ice of course!

This stuff is no joke.  Don’t touch it with your bare hand!  It will evaporate over a few hours or you can run hot water over it and feel like you are doing a science experiment until it dissolves.

Pull your Butcherbox bag out of the shipping box and comment below on what color insulated bag you got!  So far I have received 3 different colors and have given them away to lots of people because I get one every month and how many fabulous food shopping bags does a girl really need?  But mainly because they are such good quality reusable insulated shopping bags!

Next, pull all your protein goodness out of your bag and set it out to make sure you got everything you ordered.  I go with the combination Butcherbox of chicken, pork and beef because the more variety of proteins in the Kuebler household the better!

See my FREE package of bacon?  So good.  #Paleo

Butcherbox may even include some nifty handouts for your info about your cut of meat, or maybe a recipe or something informative, thanks guys. 


And that’s it!  That’s Butcherbox, no grocery run to only have the option of organic grass-fed beef shipped in all the way from New Zealand or who knows where else outside of this country.  

Give it a try, I hope you like it as much as I do!



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