Workout of My Week Vol.#002 – Pumpkin Power

Happy Halloween friends!

When it comes to fitness, movement, and time, the circuit workout is tough to beat.  There are so many good reasons to do it like maximizing energy output and heart rate intensity, improving your strength and conditioning levels and of course keeping your mind occupied and far from boredom.  That last one is my for sure killer to my workouts if I let it.  I get really bored, really easily so the more I have to focus on in my workouts the better I train.  

If you are looking to add some power to your core, your punkin’ and Halloween this season, try my workout below.  Stay focused on your core on those stabilizing movements that really challenge your balance.  I used a 10# pumpkin for this workout, if your pumpkin is too light, then use a medicine ball.  

I also use the Gym Boss interval timer for workouts like this as it keeps me from cheating and also allows me to let someone else focus on the time while I focus on the work.  

Let me know how you did in the comments section below!    



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