Real Food 101

Food has gotten WAY too complicated.

Are you confused about what to buy, from where or what are the healthiest foods to include in your diet?  Did you know that over 40% of people are confused about food shopping and what to buy for them and their families best health and performance?  

Real food is not complicated, but the enormous systems of agriculture, politics and lots of other factors have made food and nutrition crazy complicated in this day and age.

Real Food 101 is a food education session that will allow us to clear the path to truly nourishing and healthy eating.  I will meet you where you are in your level of food education and teach you the food fundamentals necessary to live healthy solely based on your food choices.

Since this is a 1-on-1 coaching session, we can focus our session on a number of different topics to educate and empower you around your food choices depending on your goals, struggles and specific health conditions.  Some areas of focus for a session include: 

  • Identifying the inferior foods in your diet causing you harm
  • Healthy food swaps
  • Learning the truth about what real food actually is, the problems with many foods and why they should be avoided
  • How to master the art of going gluten-free
  • How to get sugar out of your diet – or better yet, take part in my 7 Day Detox Program!
  • How to prepare foods properly for maximum nutrient density and benefit
  • Live cooking demonstrations
  • Learn where to shop to find the high-quality food you want

Our time will be fully dedicated to helping you reach your health goals at your pace. You will even get 1 FREE month of my Real Food Meal Plan Membership with the first session you book!

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s get your learn on so you can stop being confused about the most important element of your health, food!

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