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Valentine Monica copyAs a health coach I want nothing more than to provide you with the tools and information that you need so that you can effectively be responsible for your own health.  With the emphasis on heart health plastered everywhere you look this month of February, of course I had to get in on it.  But in my own special way of course, the whole health way!  So without further ado here are my happy healthy heart tips along with some rockin’ resources to help fill up your toolbox!


Practice forgiveness – Forgiveness is about your healing not forgetting how you have been wronged by someone else.  When you don’t forgive you continue to let whomever hurt you to continue doing just that.  Its not easy to forgive but in order to get over the hurt that someone has caused you you must forgive, for your own heart’s health.  

Laugh – For goodness sake, laugh!  When was the last time you laughed so hard your face hurt?  Find your funniest friend, watch Kevin James’ or Jim Gaffigan’s stand up routine, buy a joke book or whatever you do just laugh more (just not at someone else’s expense)!  

Practice gratitude everyday – It’s amazing what the feeling of being thankful for all that you have on a daily basis does to your level of contentment.  This is also a great exercise to help reduce your stress.  Spend a few minutes acknowledging what you are grateful for each day.    

Surround yourself with positive people – If your friends aren’t positive, find new ones that are!  If your family is not your positive influence, time for a family meeting to strategically discuss solutions to change some dynamics.  The main 5 people you interact with daily are the most HIGHLY influential to you.  People feed off of each other so if your Fab 5 influencers aren’t too fabulously positive, you may not be either.  

Breathe well – Almost every client that I see these days has an abnormal breathing pattern due to too much mental stress.  This creates a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders which lays a foundation for chronic pain and injury to strike. 

My whole health prescription for this issue is short, regular breathing breaks during the day to focus on establishing better patterns of breathing.  Long exhales instead of big inhales is the key to restorative breathing.  

Check out this site to take their breathing test and see how you measure up!    

Consume high quality fish oil – Not all fish oil is created equal.  I recommend this brand as the best source of this amazing superfood.  Their fermented cod liver oil is simply amazing and packed with nutrients.  Before you gross yourself out with the thought of the taste of fermented CLO, know that they offer flavored versions like cinnamon, chocolate and orange as well as capsules.  

Consume chia seeds – Chia seeds are packed with antioxidants, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids!  Omega 3’s are the types of fatty acids that we need but don’t get as much of in comparison to Omega 6’s (9’s too).  When you take in too many 6’s (which we get too much of in the standard American diet of seed oils and processed foods) vs. omega 3’s your inflammation levels can increase causing you health issues that are definitely not beneficial to your heart.  

Remember that heart disease has SO much to do with inflammation!  As a bonus they help you detox your colon by binding the toxins in your gut and pulling them out of your body.  They also help you stay hydrated and can even provide some fuel when you are on the go.  I eat these baby’s every day!

Consume quality produced foods & foods high in omega 3’s – I don’t think that I need to go into too much detail as to why you should avoid eating animals that have been feed chemicals, candy, corn and grains (cows are supposed to eat grass) and are injected with hormones and antibiotics due to poor living conditions and unrealistic growing schedules.  What they eat, so do you so opt for grass fed, pastured animals and wild caught fish and seafood.  

In addition to those foods and chia seeds, other great sources of omega 3’s for heart health are salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, herring and caviar/fish roe, walnuts, flaxseed, eggs and even leafy greens like spinach too!   

Eat more cocoa than chocolate – Cocoa is a superfood holding a ton of antioxidants and polyphenols which are great for heart health.  Chocolate is full of cocoa but also sugar and sugar is the most toxic substance in our diets today that encourages inflammation.  Opt for naturally sweetened chocolate such as this brand which is one of the cleanest I have found and avoid the sugar.  The darker the chocolate the greater the health benefits (I got up to 88% before I started antibiotic treatment for Lyme and just found a 95% one that I’ll have to test once I get into remission).  Making your own chocolate with honey or stevia is a great alternative too!  I’m trying a new recipe this week and I hope it goes well!  If it does, I’ll be sure to share it.

Drink Green Tea – Green tea is high in antioxidants and studies have found it to help block the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol.  This oxidation leads to an increase in inflammation in your body which I talked a little about above.  It also reduces your risk of high blood pressure.  

Magnesium Most people are deficient in magnesium but just adding magnesium to your supplement regimen can easily weaken your balance of other minerals in your body causing other problems.  So check with your doctor before adding it.

Move Your Body – Lift heavy stuff 1-2 times weekly, go out for walks after meals, take the stairs, train for a 5K, do some sprints 1-2 times weekly, jump rope, go for a distance running or cardio session 1-2 times weekly.  My point is that there is not one single method of fitness that you need to stick to keep your heart healthy.  

Fitness has gotten so definitive with go hard and intense for a short period of time or reduce your work intensity for longer periods of time.  It’s gotten a bit ridiculous.  Consistent variety is the key to a healthy heart.  So find multiple avenues of movement that keep you consistently moving.  

It doesn’t matter if you run one marathon a month, if you never move your body the other 30 days of the month, your heart isn’t going to benefit enough in that one race compared to the other 30 days of the month that you were inactive.  Keep your body guessing and challenge yourself, but not too much that you can’t recover within a 24-48 hour period.  

Still confused?  

Then contact me to set up a personal training session and we’ll break it down together for what’s right for you.

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