Superfood Smoothie Guide

Smoothies are a fantastic way to get in whole, nutrient dense foods in a flash.

So why not make them all that they can be in your daily nutrition habit by adding the superpowers of superfoods?

This guide is great for you if you are giving your digestive system a break from whole foods, trying to consume fewer “empty” calories or just want to max out your daily nutrition.

This is also a great resource to implement if you are detoxing from processed foods and can be added as an adjunct resource to my detox programs.  

The Superfood Smoothie Guide includes:

  • 12 delicious and easy recipes 
  • Information on balancing your macronutrients in your smoothies – believe it or not, most smoothies recipes contain WAY too much sugar
  • My take on protein powders including Good, Better and Best types to include in your diet
  • Recommended ingredient brands to get the most high-quality nutrient density out of your food purchases

 Improve your smoothie-following lifestyle now!
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