Workout of My Week Vol.#005 – True Stretch Baby!

A few months ago. I joined my local Planet Fitness because I wanted a little variety to my workouts and access to a few pieces of equipment that I don’t and won’t put into my home gym.  One thing I LOVE about my PF location is that it has one of my favorite pieces of fitness equipment. It’s the True Fitness Stretch Station.  I love stretching, especially static stretching, and it’s a great source of relaxation for me so I spent a good 20 minutes hogging this piece of equipment at the end of this workout. 

Static stretching should only be done at certain points of your workout for maximum benefit and to minimize injury.  Many of the clients I work with are a level of fitness where static stretching is only used at the end of their workouts but people that are using or doing Corrective Exercise Training workouts in order to heal from pain/injury need to include this type of flexibility training much more so to balance their bodies more effectively.  This also goes for people just beginning to exercise or coming back from a lot of time off of exercise.

Warm Up: 
10 min of cardiovascular on the Cybex Arc Trainer in HR training zone 1
10 reps dynamic leg swings
10 reps dynamic lateral leg swings
10 reps of scorpions
10 reps of wall slides

Circuit:  3 sets with no rest between moves
Lat pulldowns x 10 
Single leg single arm lat press downs x 10 
DB Goblet Squats x 8-10
Alternating DB chest presses x 10

Cool Down:
20 minutes of 45 sec static holds of total body stretches on the True Stretch (see pic below)

So what was your favorite workout of your week and why?  Or better yet, what’s your favorite gym machine to use?  I’d love to know, leave me a comment below. 

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