Workout of My Week Vol. #004 – Tabata Time


It’s Tabata time!

This week I completed a pretty tough workout I had to share with you. I wasn’t quite sure I would finish it (considering there were 3 separate Tabata’s in the workout) with gusto as I hadn’t been sleeping too well due to travel and other stuff lately. I was a bit lethargic all day going into this workout but I really needed to move and fire up my metabolism, so I did just that!

I love including Tabata training into my routine because I can see the end of the road no matter how hard the work is, the end is always in sight. Hey, just because I love fitness and training doesn’t mean it’s always a party friend ๐Ÿ™‚  

Tabata training has been part of my training both personally and professionally for as long as I can remember.  They are designed to challenge your body from a strength, endurance and cardiovascular intensity, the trifecta!  The key is to choose exercises that support your workout goals (duh).  So if you are trying to burn more calories, choose combination movements that work a lot of your joints such as a kettlebell swing, push-up, squat, lunge, or row to lunge vs. an isolation exercise like a leg extension.  

I get bored really easily in my fitness routine so I try to get creative to keep my mind challenged and occupied so I stay focused in the workout, even if it is only 4 minutes!  If you choose the right exercises and work your butt off, you will only really want 4 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚  I had the juice to go for 3 Tabata’s today 

 Warm Up:

3 min of walking/sprinting continuously up and down the stairs
10 side planks R/L
5 min primal movement


Tabata #1 (20 sec of work to 10 sec of rest x 8 reps)
Single leg glute bridges alternating with fire hydrants

Tabata #2
Kettlebell swings – HEAVY!

Tabata #3
Push-ups alternating with kettlebell goblet squats – HEAVY!


How did this workout go for you?  I’d love to know, leave me a comment below. 

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