Workout of My Week Vol. #006 – Get Stable

Fitness does not need to be complicated but it does need to challenge you.  That is unless your Heart Rate Variability is telling you that today needs to be a recovery day or a you-can-workout-but-dial-down-your-intensity type of day. 

My body is going through some weird stuff lately, I’m detoxing (still), not thrilled with the weather this time of year and desperate for more light (thank you Daylight Savings for finally showing up).  So my workouts have been a little wonky this week, shorter, not too intense, because my HRV hasn’t allowed for it most days, but very much focused on stabilization training.

At some point, all athletes, and training individuals in general, should circle back to stabilization training for some length of their programming to keep the mortar (small muscles, proprioceptors, etc.) as strong as your bricks (big muscles and skeletal structure) and supported WELL.  The performance athletes I train and coach typically experience stabilization training in their pre-season to minimize injury and maximize success in their sport.

Stabilization is such an important aspect of movement NOT just training.  In fact, I believe its impact is so much that my good friend Laura Toth who is an amazing kinesiotherapist, fellow anatomy geek, personal trainer and massage therapist and I have recently partnered up to create a program related to this exact topic.  It’s going to be awesome and like nothing you have ever seen.  Stay tuned for more on that baby!

So every fall and spring are my personal stabilization-focused training periods more so than through the rest of the year.  Here’s a recent workout I did to give you an idea of what a workout like this looks includes:

Warm Up: 2 sets  
10 Body Squats
10 Side Planks with top leg lift
10 Hip Swings
10 Lateral Hip Swings
10 Kneeling Lunge Wood Chops

Core Stabilization Circuit:  3 sets
Turkish Get Ups x 2 R/L
Single Leg Hip Bridges on the Bosu x 8 R/L
SB Pikes x 12 
Dead Bugs x 12 R/L 

Total Body Stabilization Circuit:  3 sets
Single Leg Squat Touchdowns on balance pad x 10 R/L
Single Leg Lateral Cone Hops x 10 R/L
Reverse Lunge to Balance on half foam roller into 1-Arm Cable Row x 8 R/L
KB 1-arm Overhead Press x 6 R/L 
Palloff Cable Chest Press x 10 R/L
Alternating Medicine Ball Push-ups x 10 

Cool Down:  1 set x 30 sec R/L
SMR with lacrosse ball for glutes
SMR with lacrosse ball for lats
Half-roller calf stretch
Pec stretch with band 


Do you include stabilization training routinely in your training program?  Let me know in a comment below what your top 1-2 exercises you perform are, I’d love to know!


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